Virtualization software to create portable applications

Cameyo is a free virtualization software that will help you package large and complex software packages into a single standalone executable that runs without installation, if you want to create an easy portable application, look no further than Cameyo.

The process used by Cameyo to virtualize, relies on system snapshots taken before and after the installation of the targeted programs. The portable application Cameyo creates relies on a series of snapshots taken before and after installation, this process can take various minutes.

Cameyo a free virtualization alternative to Mojopac

The main difference between Cameyo and Mojopac is that the latter will virtualize a whole operating system and Cameyo virtualizes stand alone applications.

The Cameyo virtualization product allows you to package any software into single executable through virtualization technology in order to be able to run those executables on any Windows computer.

Cameyo includes a sandbox isolation, package editor, and UI module, with this easy to use tools you can pack an entire application into one single .exe and take it with you anywhere.

Cameyo virtualization software
Cameyo virtualization software

Review Cameyo virtualization software

If you want to virtualize a paid for software Cameyo will keep the license number, the only downside I found using this free applet to create portable applications, is that it would not always works with all software and some executables failed to run. Sometimes it will also increase the size of the portable applet being created and when you run your portable application there will be traces left in the registry.

Documentation could also be improved, bear in mind that Cameyo release is a Beta release, it does not mean it will not virtualize your software it only means that sometimes bugs might come occur.

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