WorkRave reminds users to take a computer break

If you find yourself for long hours at the computer you are at risk of repetitive strain injury, most people know that taking regular breaks to stretch muscles and refresh tired eyes is a must do but it is far too easy to forget. WorkRave is a multilingual free program to remind users to take a computer break giving you example exercises at the same time, like standing up and walking around.

WorkRave has three compute break modes: Micro-break (30 seconds every three minutes), Rest break (10 minutes every 45 minutes) and Daily Limit (forces you to shut down your computer when reached), the settings are configurable to any values you like, if you are in the middle of something important you can click on postpone or skip when the reminder windows is shown.

WorkRave Repetitive Strain Injury Software
WorkRave Repetitive Strain Injury Software

The popping up reminder window exhibits some exercises giving you ideas on how to stretch your body. This RSI prevention program can be set up in a network across multiple PCs, it is suitable for businesses, it doesn’t come with any help file but it is easy to set up.

Do not forget that changing your workplace ergonomics and changing your posture when working at the computer will also help avoiding injuries, seek medical advice if your pain does not go away.

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