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Why backlinks to adult sites show in statistics

It is common for webmasters to check visitor logs, the detailed information provided there in the form of keywords and backlinks, it is invaluable when you optimize a website. Looking at what articles are the most successful and where people come from can help you increase the number of visitors.

I use two free tools to measure my traffic, StatCounter, an alternative to Google Analytics that in my view performs better, and AWStats in cPanel, provided by my hosting company, it can be looked at in cPanel, normally there is no way to disable AWStats in shared hosting accounts, everybody should have this.

After noticing multiple visitors referred by adult, black hat SEO and piracy related sites,  I did what most webmasters would do, I visited those sites to learn the reason why they were linking to my tech site and, inexplicably I was not able to find the backlinks to my site.

AWStats adult backlinks log
AWStats adult backlinks log

I have now learned that the referrals from porn websites that you see in your logs are not real, they have been created by bots crawling your site, it is a form of spam to get webmasters to visit those sites. Since a bot can visit thousands of sites an hour, with as little as 5% of the webmasters checking out the referral links, it can amount to a huge amount of traffic for the Russian porn sites.

You don’t have to worry about those backlinks impacting you negatively in SEO because they don’t really exist, but you can block them if it bothers you that they artificially inflate visitor count. This can be done adding to your .htaccess file code to block referring domains.

If the backlink spam physically exist, a blackhat trick to negatively affect your SEO, you can tell Google to disavow those backlinks sending the links to the Google team, visit the help page below to learn more about how to submit them.

Google disavow backlinks