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How to make visible again disappeared Windows Recycle Bin

If your Recycle Bin has disappeared, or you want to erase it for good, there are various Windows hacking tricks you can use:

Restore your Recycle Bin using Windows Vista

Right click your desktop, click Personalize, on the left pane click  Change desktop icons. Check the Recycle Bin, and click OK.

Another way to restore your Recycle Bin in Windows Vista by accessing the change desktop icons:

–>control panel
–>appearance and personalization
–>change desktop icons

Select the icons you want on the desktop and you will be able to restore or delete Windows Recycle Bin, as well as other icons.

Windows Recycle Bin
Windows Recycle Bin

Why does Windows Recycle Bin disappear?

It has been known to happen when using a registry cleaner. It can also happen if you are if you use software to securely erase computer data overwriting it various times, like for example a secure eraser, if you use some tweaking utility you can also delete Windows Recycle Bin by mistake.