Free Adobe Photoshop alternative Artweaver

Artweaver is a powerful photo editor with an interface that looks like Photoshop and nearly as capable. The comprehensive list of incorporated filters (Ripple, Whirl, Waves, Lens, Add noise, Filmgrain, Oilify, Oldlook, Solarize, Emboss, Textures, Blur, Rendering, etc) will allow you to create sketches and artworks from simple photos in no time. You will be able to use a variety of brushes to retouch imperfections or add depth to the photos using a classic technique called Impasto,where the user gets to specify the amount of shine, exposure, smoothing and depth through a drop down menu, layer support makes it easy to work with special effects.

Artweaver has its own file format called .Awd but it can open and save photos using Adobe Photoshop .psd format too, if you are working in collaboration with someone using different software it should not be a problem, support for pen tablets means that you can use this software in any device.

Photoshop alternative ArtWeaver
Photoshop alternative ArtWeaver

One of the best features is Artweaver Team to connect with friends over the Internet and work simultaneously on the same image, you will need to open an account first and after logging into a team session all events will be synchronized with the other people, a simple built-in chat let’s you communicate with your buddies.

If you have used Photoshop before you will feel at home with Artweaver, with the tools positioned in the same place, even shortcuts, and if you are a beginner the included help manual with screenshots will quickly put you to work, this software is suitable for both, beginners and professionals. You can upgrade to a paid for Artweaver Plus if you need to load and run Photoshop compatible filters, saving presets, EXIF metadata support, custom palettes and other high end properties.

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Free PhotoShop alternative PixBuilder Studio

PixBuilder Studio comes in a very small size, just 3MB download, a good indication that it will be light on resources, the official requirement is only 512RAM, during installation you can choose to install it as portable on a USB thumbdrive.

Its interface is tightly integrated (no floating panels) the layout resembles PhotoShop, most tools are located in the very same place, this photo editor has all of the features that a home user will need: photo resizing, cropping, import from scanner, brightness adjustment, contrast, auto levels, RGB, hue/saturation, curves and colorize. I own PhotoShop as well and there isn’t a single tool that I normally use there and can not be found on PixBuilder Studio, there are more features in PhotoShop of course but most home users will never need them.


PixBuilder Studio free photo editor
PixBuilder Studio free photo editor

PixBuilder Studio is a powerful photo editor that allows you to work with panels and layers , text editing could be improved a little, you can add and format text on the photographs using bold and different fonts but PixBuilder opens up a new window where you have to edit the text first, other photo editors allow you edit the text directly on the image being able to see what it looks like on real time.

The default special effects are limited to dithering, blur (quick, motion, Gaussian), sharpness, emboss and few others, all very basic. There is support for Adobe Photoshop 8BF filters in the form of plugins, you will need to add those after installation. I enjoyed the clone stamp, and magnetic lasso tool, these are not found often in free graphics editors., the program is multilingual and you can translate it into your own language if it is not available yet, the developer will include it in the next release.

Supported file formats:

It reads: .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .pcx, .psd, .tga, .ico, .pbs

It writes: .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .pcx, .tga, .ico, .pbs

It can not save photos as Photoshop .psd files but it is able to read them, you will also find .pbs PixBuilder Studio own file format.

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List of free online photo editors

If you want to edit just a few images and do not want to install a photo editor there are some great alternatives online to edit your family, friends, holidays pictures for free.

Even if you have a photo editor installed, some of these free online image editor provide you with filters and features that your basic image editor may not have. You will also be able to change your picture format from .gif to .jpeg, .png to .jpg or anything else that suits you.

This list of free online image editors all have resizing, photo effects, brushes, layer support and much more. In only a few minutes you can create amazing looking pictures.

Sumo free online photo editor
Sumo free online photo editor
  1. BeFunky: With mobile phone apps in addition to online desktop application from where you can import pictures from social media accounts or upload from your hard drive for quick editing.
  2. Sumo Paint: Basic online tools to edit graphics in your browser, a paid upgrade gives extra filters but for basic editing this is not needed.
  3. Pixlr: With services built for both, novices and professionals, users have basic editing needs like editing web images to be posted on social networks.
  4. PicMonkey: Online photo editing with lots of free overlay effects and impressive fonts. It shows banner advertisements that can be eliminated with an upgrade.
  5. Fotoflexer: Advanced photo editing software online. use fonts, shapes, doodling, layers, distortion, and much more.