List of free antivirus programs for Mac computers

Macintosh users have to be as careful with viruses as Windows users, there might be less viruses for Mac computers but they do exist, the Apple Flashback virus is a good example. As Mac OS X market share increases so will the number of virus writers targeting the Mac operating system.

With some in the Apple Mac community spreading the false rumour that they can’t be infected by malware, it makes it easier for malicious hackers to install a trojan. As long as someone can make money stealing banking credentials and private data off Mac computer users, the risk of computer viruses for Macs will remain.

List of free Mac OS antivirus

Avast Mac Antivirus: It protects you from getting malware through Internet browsing, email or downloaded files. Automatic virus definition updates and a nice interface with screen alerts warning you of suspicious activies.

iAntivirus: Real time protection from Norton Symantec, very easy to use and simple interface, ideal for non geeks who just want to install something and forget about it, it hasn’t got too many settings to tweak.

ClamXav: Mac version of an open source antivirus engine, it serves as a frontend to Clam AV, Mac power users will like this antivirus for its high customization and detailed logs. It hasn’t got the easiest to manage interfaces but once you get used it you will feel at home.

ClamXav Mac OS X antivirus
ClamXav Mac OS X antivirus

Comodo Mac Antivirus: Real time protection and on demand scanner with extensive reports. Easy to use interface where you can drag and drop files for scanning. Full antivirus version for free, you won’t be asked to upgrade for more features as others do.

Avira Mac Antivirus: Automatic updates and scheduled scanned guarantees that your Mac computer is protected from ever changing threats. You can chose to scan the whole operating system silently in the background or pick a single file, folder or area for scanning. The antivirus includes heuristics and event logs.