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The best free comic apps for Android and iOS

The manga and comic apps below have all been installed in my Android tablet, they are best ones I have found to read whole comic series for free. If you know of any other good app please share the name in the comments section.

You don’t need an app to read comics in your tablet, there are hundreds of websites with weekly updates of comic strips and chapters, but the app experience is far better than reading manga using a web browser. Bear in mind too that reading online comics can be demanding for your Internet connection, unless you have an expensive unmetered data plan on 4G, I would only download comics while on Wifi in a home ADSL connection.

LINE Webtoon: It publishes original licensed comics, full manga series, author submitted comics, drawing contests, voting polls and it has a comments section. Some of the comics, like “Cyberforce” have been outsourced from  known publishers like TopCow Productions, the full Korean Manga series of “Hive” are also available for reading online or downloading, it should take you some weeks to read over 80 manga comics from the “Hive” series alone.

To be able to post a comment, save your settings and bookmark favorite comics you have to open an account with the messenger LINE, a popular chat app in Japan, and the owners of Webtoon. I uninstalled LINE from my tablet after registration and the Webtoon app still works, it can also be accessed with a desktop computer.

WebToon LINE free manga app
WebToon LINE free manga app

Zingbox: A Manga reader app with thousands upon thousands of free manga comics. Easy access tabs let you see which are the most popular manga and access specific genres, including romance, horror and adult or martial arts and music. Whatever it is you are looking for, you will find it here for sure.

Zingbox has eight different manga sources from where to download comics from, some of the sources contain well over 10.000 titles, I am really impressed with the catalog of  this app.

Free Manga reader ZingBox
Free Manga reader ZingBox

Farrago Comics: If you prefer full colored Western comic over Manga, this is the app to go for. Farrago comics is neatly designed, it contains a “Featured“, “Series” and “Library” tab, with free kids and adult comics, you need to register and confirm you are over 18 to be able to access the adult section.

The app contains the full “America’s Army” series at the time of writing. You will find one or two advertisements when you slide your pages, it was acceptable to me, as it wasn’t too invasive and the adverts featured comic related websites and titles that were of interest.

Android comic reader Farraco comics
Android comic reader Farrago comics

Manga Rock: Nicely built manga reader with a back up and restore data across devices options that requires you to register an account. The app displays a permanent small banner advertisement at the bottom of the window, and full page adverts also appear when sliding pages across the screen.

If advertisements annoy you, you can buy the premium version of the app to remove all ads in the viewer, giving you unlimited downloads and download new chapters of your favorite manga comics automatically, or you can install ZingBox instead, I did not think that Manga Rock had any manga that ZingBox had not, and ZingBox does not have a banner on the reader.

Manga Rock smartphone manga reader
Manga Rock smartphone manga reader