Remove Firefox browser hijack: Yahoo Search, SearchMoreKnow and

From one day to another my default Firefox search engine changed from DuckDuckGo to Yahoo, with a URL that included an affiliate code, and the default Google Adsense advertisements on pages had been replaced by very similar looking adverts that on closer look had the tag “SearchMoreKnow”, I also had searches redirected to a page called, some useless site which main purpose is to make money displaying advertisements to people redirected there by force.

If you wonder how the adware got into your computer, the adware it is commonly bundled with freeware programs, most likely you have installed a program during the last week and did not uncheck some very tiny box informing you that adware would be installed too.

remove browser hijacking SearchMoreKnow
remove browser hijacking SearchMoreKnow

This is how I cleaned my computer in five minutes from all of these adware:

First of all go to Firefox “Extensions” in settings, you will see something called “SearchMoreKnow“, disable it and remove. Close your browser and now go to Windows>Control Panel>Programs>Uninstall a Program you will see something called SearchMoreKnow, click on uninstall and it will go away. Make sure you remove both, the browser toolbar and the program installed in your computer.

Having removed SearchMoreKnow, you will still see that your homepage is set up to Top-Arama or some other adware, go to Firefox settings about:preferences and in the General tab you will see your homepage, to change it click on “Use BookMark” and set it to one of your pages.

Last step, go to Firefox Search tab in preferences, remove all adware search engines, you will see a drop down menu on top that says “Default Search Engine”, set it to your prefered searcher.

That is it! This adware is dangerous for your privacy, it records your search queries, but it is not extreme malware of the kind that blackmails you and introduces code to make it impossible for you to remove, definetily unethical, but I am not sure it is illegal.

Tip: If you are fed up with malware, consider installing Linux in your computer, there are far less malware for Linux than there are for Windows.