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Best online collaboration tools for group projects

An online collaboration tool allows friends or employees involved in the same project to help each other and be in touch while sharing images, coding, Autocad files, etc.

The most typical feature is easy email list management and moderation, with easy group communication, centralizing work in a single platform helps to speed up processes and reduce expenses using audit tracking to gain a good understanding of what every single individual has done and avoid duplicating tasks, but there is the possibility of third party accessing your data and it creates a single point of failure reliant on an external source, the only way around this is to set up your own server, you can find online collaboration software that allows you to download the software and host it in your own server, however hosting your own web based project management software will mean expenses in IT.

Online collaboration tools

TextFlow: Cloud based document comparison tool, you can share and delegate functions to other people with all changes being securely stored for review or restoration. It can be used for PDF documents, images, tables and Word documents. You can easily see all changes highlighted and the connection is encrypted with SSL.

OneHub: Easy sharing of large attachments with redundant data backups across multiple data centres, you are charged according to data storage used and use of extra services like FTP, SSL connection and audit trails, it doesn’t matter how many users you have.

OneHub web based project management
OneHub web based project management

ProjectTurf: Its inline editor allows for embedding of videos, the calendar is nicely displayed in colours and the tab based user interface with drag and drop features makes ProjectTurf easy to use, the content is printer friendly to save in paper and ink, there are discounts for registered charity organizations.

Producteev: Email and Instant messenger integration, daily and weekly activity digests, synchronization with Google calendar, to-do list and privacy settings adjustable, this online collaboration service comes with a Gmail gadget informing you of incoming messages.

Producteev online collaboration tool
Producteev online collaboration tool