Hawkhost Shared and Semi Dedicated hosting review

Hawkhost is Canadian hosting company founded in 2004 offering shared, Semi Dedicated, Reseller and VPS hosting with servers in the USA, Europe and Asia. I have been hosting with them for over a year renting three different packages, one cheap shared hosting account I was using for my adult websites, a Semi Dedicated hosting for a high traffic site and a reseller package.

Hawkhost positive points

  • Competitive prices, the same or better value than big hosting companies
  • Lifetime discount vouchers instead of increasing prices after a discounted first month
  • Adult websites are allowed
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for all hosting packages, including shared accounts
  • You can choose in what continent you want your server at no extra cost
  • They are not part of EIG, a lousy hosting multinational operating with multiple brands (HostGator, Bluehost, Arvixe,Justhost,etc) hiding from customers that they are all the same parent company
  • Support is in-house and they reply in a timely manner, within 12 hours which to me is acceptable
Hawkhost control panel
Hawkhost control panel

Hawkhost negative points

  • You will always be stuck with the same pricing structure, even if they reduce prices for new customers
  • No phone or live chat support

Hawkhost one year review

I had six adult WordPress blogs hosted in Hawkhost cheapest shared hosting package, it felt a little slow when I visited my sites I could feel what I believe was some server lagging. Downtime was rare, there were a few incidences of a few hours but nothing serious.

I am not including the problems mentioned above in the list of bad points because you have to be realistic. A hosting package with unlimited bandwidth and a ton of gigs of space for under $30 a year can never function perfectly unless the company is losing money, they must cut corners somewhere, I am guessing that by stuffing a ton of customers in the same server.

If you want a quality hosting that will stand a high load you need to go for the Semi Dedicated package in Hawkhost, the shared package is fine for a personal or hobby blog but I would not buy it for a business site, and if you run a real business that earns you money you probably can afford more than $30 a year for your hosting.

The other one site I had in the Semi Dedicated server loaded really quick and I don’t recall any downtime happening, the expenditure was triple than what I paid for a shared hosting but it was worthwhile, I knew that I did not have to worry about the server not coping with traffic spikes or going down, I was really happy with the Semi Dedicated server.

The only mistake I made was paying yearly for the hosting using Paypal recurring subscribion, after cancelling one of the shared hosting packages Hawkhost still charged me,  this is done automatically and the only way to stop further charges is by logging into your Paypal account, find the hidden subscription settings and cancel the subscription.

Cancelling an account using Hawkhost control panel will show it as cancelled but charges still take place, I am definetily not subscribing again to any payment using Paypal unless it is a monthly charge, it is far too easy to forget about those charges one year later.

Conclusion Hawkhost review

If you run a blog that is not making you any money and you don’t care about the server being a little slow, go with their cheapest shared hosting. For a serious site that needs speed and crucial uptime, upgrade to the Semi Dedicated package.

Don’t host a business website on a cheap shared hosting account because you will lose money in the long term if the site does not load as it should and your visitors tired of a site that takes too long to load, go elsewhere.

Overall I found Hawkhost prices and features extremely competitive and support is decent for the average webmaster. I would only advise people not to go with Hawkhost if you need phone and live chat support.

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