Make your computer boot up faster with Startup Delayer

When Windows boots up a computer it attempts to load everything at once causing a system overload with CPU spikes and constant multiple file access requests  at once saturating the hard drive, this results in computer slow down. Delaying or disabling startup applications you will free up system resources speeding up your operating system at boot up time.

Startup Delayer is a free program with a start up manager from where to delay or disable a program during boot up, it is as easy as dragging and dropping it inside Startup Delayer window manager. You can change the order in which applications are loaded during computer boot up time, notes can be added next to each application, with each individual application time delay customizable, the program allows you create multiple startup lists and experiment which one best suits you.

StartUp Delayer speeds up Windows boot up
StartUp Delayer speeds up Windows boot up

If you get confused having to decide what application to prioritize during Windows boot up time, use the automatic delay option which looks into your CPU load and idle disk values before deciding what is best, Startup Delayer provides with a wealth of information  on each application, including file details and digital signature.

The tabbed interface makes browsing around options very easy, a couple of different tabs group System Services and Running Tasks, helping you identify what software is delaying your computer boot up. A paid for Premium edition of this software let’s you back up and restore startup sets and add  add running tasks to the startup routine.

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